I’m eyeing my shorts as I write, and I confess my legs are too white for them! The good news about living in Florida is that a little time outside in the sun and ‘Voila!’ they can be ready to be shown. If I let them that is.

Maybe you feel the same way about the color of your legs, and while we are working on their color (at least in my case), a little toning of the muscles can’t hurt either.  While my genes will never give me the legs of Urma Thurman, they can certainly have their own sculpted look… and so can yours, with the right attention.

So, this week, I am sharing my 2018 “Trim Happy Thighs” sculpted leg routine with the hope that it will bring you something to do to get your legs prepared to be bared this summer season.

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My notes for each movement:

1- The sprints. If you don’t have a 100m distance marked out, don’t sweat that part. Just find a stretch where you can run about 25 sec. I do want you to run! This is a sprint!!

It needs to FEEL like one. But I didn’t say it had to LOOK like one. You don’t have tolook like a track star, you just have to feel like a track star. SO.. Keep your elbows tight. Accelerate until the end. Pick your knees up and breathe! Wait about 30-45 sec between runs.

2- The lunges. Use a mat or softer surface. Go as deep as you can and kiss the back knee to the floor if possible. Keep your torso upright and look straight ahead. Find a challenging weight and hold it close to your chest. Push off the middle of your front foot to keep your center of gravity balanced.

3- The plie squats. Take a wider stance with your toes turned out about 45 degrees. Work on landing like a ninja by hitting the ground with the ball of your feet and rolling down until your heels make contact. Practice without a weight first and then add your bar. If the bar hurts your neck, add a towel around the barbell. Drop your hips lower than you want. I know it hurts more to do that, BUT we are trying to effectively work those legs!

4- The side lying bar lifts. Try to stack your hips on top of one another. Lift your ribcage while you work. You can change the resistance of the bar by extending it out beyond your foot (harder) or pulling it in toward your opposite arm (easier). This one will burn! You’re isolating small muscles and they will start talking back to you for calling them out!

5- The heel push and pull. This is the most deceiving exercise on the list. It looks really easy in the video, but this one is quite difficult. The key to the effectiveness of it is the speed at which you lower and raise your heels. You want to go SLOW, VERY SLOW, in both directions. The other important tip to the this is: PRESS YOUR SOLES TOGETHER FIRMLY as much as you can throughout the movement. If you do that, with slow speed, you will feel your inner thighs fire up! Also, last note, the starting and ending point of this movement is your legs straight, feet turned out, heels pressing toward the ceiling and BACK OF THE KNEES PRESSING TOGETHER. If you do all this, you will get the most out of the exercise.

Happy sculpting!



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