Building Strength, Endurance, and Mobility effectively through the Golden Years.

You don’t need to give up on life as you age.

You can extend your quality of life by consistently training those things that keep you strong, resilient and agile.


Our CrossFit Gold Program is the PERFECT answer if you:


Want to fight osteoporsis


Maintain your independence


Stay out of the doctor’s office and off prescription drugs


Keep up with your grandkids


Desire to travel and try new things


Have a sense of humor and enjoy exercising with peers

What to Expect in our CrossFit Gold Class

Our current CrossFit Gold class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 am. Book a free introduction with the class instructor to ask questions and talk about what you want to gain from the program.

Initial 1-on-1 Orientation with the Instructor

60-min exercise class with accomodations for limitations or medical conditions

Skill work that addresses: balance, agility, coordination and accuracy

Strength work that builds: endurance, stamina, flexibility, power and speed

Cardio conditioning work that improves endurance and mobility

Warm Up and Cool Down Stretches

A good laugh, a fist pump and a FREE High Five

Pay as You Go Option

What Our Clients Are Saying…

If you want to stay above the aging curve and keep up your bone density, I think you should take a step out to try CrossFit Gold. It equals out the aging curve and helps you maintain your current level. You also feel a sense of an accomplishment no matter what age you are. It feels good to know that your body can do more than you think it can. You also feel a new level of self-confidence within yourself, knowing that you can do new things. For me, it’s for my mind, my body and for self-improvement.


This class helped my wife and I prepare to renovate our rental house to sell. We couldn’t have had the energy and strength to complete all the projects needed to get the house to market without our CrossFit training. 


This class is fun. I have been able to fight my osteoporosis and recover from a stress fracture in my leg throughout my CrossFit training. I look forward to the challenge each week and the others in the class. 


Every time we come, we get a little bit better.

Tom and Ruth

It’s never too late to challenge yourself before you say “NO”.   ‘KEEP MOVING’   This has been my motivation for the past few years and it pays off in many ways. At 92 years old, I keep coming every week and want to keep deadlifting a weight above my age.


How can You get started?

Just BOOK a FREE 20-min Introduction and talk to one of our coaches about what you want to accomplish.

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