Brenna came to the gym because a fellow friend and student athlete invited her to try a class. Looking for a way to supplement her sports training, Brenna began applying her training principles to her current sport: discus in track and field. She loves strength training and the opportunity to be challenged during the workouts.


Kelvin and his girlfriend Vanessa decided to give CrossFit a try to get into better shape and learning good eating habits. He has surprised the whole gym community with his quick strength gains and athletic skill with the Olympic movements, particularly the Clean and Jerk. Despite Crossfitting for less than a year, he is developing rapidly in his endurance, strength and stamina.

Jasmine came to the gym through an invitation from a fellow teacher during our Free Teachers Week. She was surprised at how engaging the workouts were and how much she enjoyed coming to the gym to be challenged. Even though she never participated in sports in her youth, she is now realizing her athletic talents through CrossFit as an adult. In the past year she has accomplished her first pull up, first rope climb, first double under with the jump rope and working on improving her clean beyond 125 pounds.

Robby joined the gym through a 6-week introductory program where he learned how to pull up with a band. As he got stronger, the band he used became smaller and smaller until the day came that he was able to perform an unassisted pull up. That was a great day! Now he continues to improve his pull ups, enjoy social time before and after class, and bring his two children to the gym for social and exercise time as well.


“What one year at Crossfit 1088 has meant to me.” – Chris

We all want to see immediate results from our hard work, but that usually doesn’t happen. And sometime, the biggest results are not so apparent. As I finish my first year of CrossFit, I laugh to remember feeling great the first time I deadlifted with Priscilla, and I was able to break 100#. A year later, I can do 3 times that! And though I don’t necessarily see the results I hoped for in the mirror, I did in fact meet my goal of losing 26# over the year. (1/2# a week) But the biggest changes are those I can’t see. My blood pressure averaged 141/90 a year ago. Now it is 119/76, and my doctor no longer has me take medication for it. My cholesterol was 209. Last visit, 131. My Triglycerides dropped from 260 to 185. And my LDL, the bad cholesterol went from 132 to 73. Oh, and my A1C dropped by 0.4. My doctor told me that I would be off of all medication by the end of the year.

Getting my nutrition dialed in was the key to many of these results. I was struggle about 9 months in and then over the course of a weekend, I saw the CrossFit pyramid three different times. The one that show Nutrition as the base. At about that same time, the Healthy Steps Nutrition program was first offered at 1088, and I immediately signed up. In the words of my doctor, the results have been “stellar”.

Chris came to the gym after a co-worker kept mentioning and encouraging him to give it a try. Chris was unsure if he would be able to keep up, but found that indeed, if he applied himself regularly, he could progress and see results. His doctor also encouraged him to get moving since his cholesterol and blood sugar levels were rising to the point of needing medication to control. After a year of CrossFit, Chris’s total cholesterol dropped from 209 to 131. His blood pressure averaged 140/90 and now is 120/76. He lost over 30# and has been taken off blood pressure and diabetes medication. Chris now CrossFits four days a week, tracks his food, meal preps and continues to progress as an athlete in the gym and a service provider in the community.


Many thanks to all the entire coaching staff who have guided me, encouraged me, and pushed me when I needed it. I look forward to seeing how far I can go in my second year.

Lastly, I have learned many tricks and tips I’m more than welcome to share when it comes to fixing your diet, but the best advice I’ve received can be found on the signature of every email, blog, etc. that Priscilla sends out…
Consistency is the Key
Keep Moving!!


Ron is a member of our CrossFit Gold class, which is designed for active individuals over 65 years old. He attends with his wife and to his credit, is sometimes the lone male in a sea of ladies at the gym. Ron is amazingly agile and can run, climb the rope, and “when his knee isn’t acting up” jump rope. He brings his mild manner and humor to the gym, and is always willing to try- even if he has never done it before.


Jean is a member of our CrossFit Gold class, but she also does so much more. She loves to run and has completed several local 5Ks and attends Coach Javier’s 1088 runners group. She can hold a plank for over 4 minutes (we’ve timed her!) and can deadlift over 150#, almost 1.5 times her body weight.  Jean loves new challenges and seeing how her body can progress if given the right training.

“Peggy and I go way back. She’s watched all my children grow up. I met her at the YMCA while teaching Silver Sneakers and liked to tease her about her “Rockette” kicks because she was really good at them and seemed to light up the room when we moved to the music. When I left the Y to start our CrossFit gym, Peggy came over and planted herself. What kind of CrossFit can an 88 year old woman do? I asked myself. Well, as it turns out, plenty. Despite having an inoperable shoulder from an accident while he was caretaking of her husband, Peggy lifts dumbbells (just not over her head with that arm). She can deadlift. Actually, she puts us to shame if we’re not careful. Her personal  record for deadlifting is 105#! That’s just amazing. One day it was raining outside but the warm up had jogging in it. She just started jogging laps around the gym. And she was in her 90’s at that point! We can only hope to keep up with her, and I am grateful she has stuck with me as a trainer for all these years.” – Coach Priscilla Jones

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