Your Schedule. Your Goals.

Personal Training is a GREAT choice if you:


Need flexibility for your schedule beyond what our class schedule allows


Seek to train a specific area or meet a specific goal (i.e. preparing for a knee replacement surgery, prepping for a 5K event)


Desire individual attention


Have special needs that would require a personal trainer (medicial diagnosis, injury, etc.)

What to Expect with our Personal Training Service:

To learn about our various packages, Book a 20-min Free Consultation with one of our coaches and we’d be glad to help you determine your best option!

Initial Assessment and Biometric Testing

Customized Workout Plan

Certified Professional who gives their undivided attention

Individual Text Coaching

Quarterly Check-Ins/Goal Setting 

30-min or 60-min session options

Discounted packages of sessions

Individual or Train with a Partner Options

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Meet Chris:

When Chris came to CrossFit 1088, Chris has been working on his eating habits for a long time. With his background in restaurant meal prep and delivery, he approached his own eating with that knowledge and knew which foods were good for him.

He packed his lunches, brought containerized food with him, but wasn’t losing weight. It wasn’t until he began to visually see the difference in portion sizes and track the amount of calories in each portion, that the light bulb went off. In 10 weeks he has lost 20 pounds, given away his “fat clothes” and learned how to enjoy food again.

He maintains his food log each day and plans around social events so he can eat what he really wants and not feel guilty. Partnered with his 3-4 weekly CrossFit sessions, Chris has lowered his cholesterol, A1C number, and is moving and feeling 10 years younger. 


Meet Cathy:


When Cathy came to our gym, she wasn’t here for herself. Her teenage son had joined our summer soccer conditioning program and she was his transportation.

Three mornings a week she would bring him and sit in the car for the hour while he trained. She was very curious about what he was doing, but felt she just couldn’t do it herself. After his encouragement, she decided to join our 6-Week TranformU program.

During the six weeks, she lost 16 pounds but gained so much more! As a teacher, she can now relate to her middle school student athletes and talk about their training as well as hers. She is leading by example and spending quality time with her son as they continue to come three days a week!

Meet Vicky:


Vicky is an elementary school teacher who was looking for something new and challenging when she joined our 6-week TransformU program.

She sacrificed her mornings to get to the gym before work and get her workouts completed, while juggling the demands of mothering two young children and working full-time.

Now, she is building strength and endurance and recently, put 75# over her head with a new Split Jerk personal record.

She decided to stick with CrossFit because of the constant variance in each class. And looks forward to the new challenges of the training. 

How can You get started?

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