I’ll Do It Tomorrow

Food for Thought with Nutrition Coach Coley Haas

I’ll do it tomorrow. So many of you have this answer when it comes to when you will start training for half marathon or when you will get off of the couch. So, what about when it comes to your eating? 

A couple months ago I was in a wedding. A really extravagant wedding with an open bar… and I wasn’t drinking. I had just started my nutrition challenge, and the night of the wedding I found myself making 17 pizzas and drinks for the bridal party and friends after the wedding. Everyone was drinking, and no one would blame me or shame me if I had a drink or ate 3 pieces of pizza, but I didn’t. One of the bridesmaids asked me why I don’t just cheat for the night. I told her that I made a promise to myself, and I wasn’t going to break it. “Wow!” she said, ” I’m the first person I break a promise with.”

What if you had a friend that always had lame excuses on why she couldn’t hang out with you? “Oh, Sorry. I forgot we were meeting today. I was watching a series on Netflix.”

Y’all, after a while, would you respect her and count on her as a good friend? 

No, you wouldn’t.

How many times have your friends, family and co-workers watched you quit? 

Society helps you get back on the wagon after you have fallen off. Here at Blue Wave Nutrition we don’t want you to fall off. We want to teach you the skills to stay on the wagon even if your son has a birthday party, and you eat a piece cake. I want you to have the skills and healthy snacks in your purse to keep you on the wagon throughout the entire year. 

If you’re looking for some structure and accountability, come see me. I meet with people each week for FREE “Hungry for Help” consultations. It might be just what you need to move you toward your goal.

Keep moving,

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Nutrition Coach Coley Haas –  Passionate might be the best way to describe her. 
She’s a Level 1 CrossFit trainer and a committed nutrition coach. Dedicated worker, spends her days creating structured and challenging programs for her athletes who continue to excel themselves. A different approach to our community by a girl that applied her passion for horses to this discipline.