Six Weeks of Focus for More Energy, Better Health and Fat Loss

⇒ Challenge Kick-Off: Monday January 18th 6pm

⇒ 12 Team Limit

⇒ Cash Prize for the Winning Team

(Decided by Most Fat % Lost During the 6-Weeks)

⇒ Fee for Entry: $198 per Team


Our 6- Week Nutrition Challenge is a Good Fit if You…


Feel OVERWHELMED by all the confusing diet advice


Have tried multiple diets that HAVEN’T WORKED


Facing a Pre-Diabetes Diagnosis


Start with great intentions and then have trouble staying ON TRACK


Need to engage in a multi-month WEIGHT LOSS plan


Desire to IMPROVE your performance in the gym

Why partner with 1088 Nutrition?


Straight forward and balanced. That is our aim. To help you identify the best next step for your nutrition and be the support you need as you take action. 

What is included with our Nutrition Coaching?

Initial Consultation and Assessment

A preview of the Zone or Paleo Meal Plan

Goal Setting

Comprehensive Nutrition Handbook

Biometric Testing

Follow-Up Visit

Private FB group for interaction, support and motivation. 

Simple, Balance, and Effective Guidance


Meet Robby:


Challenged by his physician to lose 15 pounds, Robby nailed our 6-week Nutrition Challenge by accomplishing just that.

With the support of his wife (cooking the Healthy Steps Nutrition recipes) and his determination, Robby lost 15 pounds during our challenge.

At his next doctor’s appointment, his physician was amazed at what he had accomplished.

No fads, no starving, just healthy habits put into action.

Meet Karrissa:


Placing 3rd in our 6-week Nutrition Challenge, Karrissa was ready to makes some healthy changes in her diet and trim down.

Balancing being the owner of All-Stars Learning Center as well as the mother of two young kids, 5 and 3 years old, she was looking for some accountability and structure for her eating.

Combining new eating routine and CrossFit three days a week, Karrissa lost 13 pounds and 8 inches in six weeks!

(.. and looks like she gained some new clothes out of her efforts too!)

Meet Chris:

When Chris came to CrossFit 1088, Chris has been working on his eating habits for a long time. With his background in restaurant meal prep and delivery, he approached his own eating with that knowledge and knew which foods were good for him.

He packed his lunches, brought containerized food with him, but wasn’t losing weight. It wasn’t until he began to visually see the difference in portion sizes and track the amount of calories in each portion, that the light bulb went off. In 10 weeks he has lost 20 pounds, given away his “fat clothes” and learned how to enjoy food again.

He maintains his food log each day and plans around social events so he can eat what he really wants and not feel guilty. Partnered with his 3-4 weekly CrossFit sessions, Chris has lowered his cholesterol, A1C number, and is moving and feeling 10 years younger. 


How can You get started?

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