Tree pose is a basic pose used to refine centering and balance. It helps to develop motor skills and coordination, the basis for balance. Good balance can help prevent everyday injuries through core strength.

The foundation of your entire pose is your grounded foot. As the root of the tree, it’s important to start here by feeling weight in all four corners of your feet. Spread your toes wide on the mat. Gently guide your other foot to a resting position along your grounded leg. This can be in a kickstand position to start with, but as you gain confidence, you can rest your raised foot on your calf, thigh, or in lotus position. The only place your foot can’t rest is on your knee.

Keep your grounded leg slightly bent, with your knee pulled up into your thigh rather than locked out. If you lock out your knee, you won’t have that joint available to absorb some of the wiggles. And there will be wiggles! Feel your hamstrings lengthen as your hips open by moving your flying knee back.

Your core should be tight. Concentrate on pulling your belly button up and in, tucking your tail slightly to avoid over-arching through your back.

Your arms can start in a prayer position, but this shouldn’t be passive. Push your palms together while opening your chest. This will engage your shoulders and help keep your core stable. Don’t let your shoulders creep up around your ears.

You should find a spot and fix your gaze to begin with. As you advance, open your branches (arms) to the ceiling. Now, look up to the ceiling. Still want a little bit more? Try doing this pose with your eyes closed.
The good news is that although we emulate trees in this pose, we aren’t trees. If you fall, pick yourself back up, shake it off, and give it another go! Try to work through ten breaths in total.
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– Instructor Meredith Richard