My favorite quad stretch is Hero Pose. It also increases flexibility in your hips and knees.
If you have never done Hero Pose before, start with a little assistance. Here’ I am using two blocks, which are always available to you in the private training room at the gym. Start on your knees, and gradually lower your bottom to the blocks. Place your hands on your thighs, forming a straight line from your tailbone through the crown of your head. Concentrate on posture, tucking your belly in. Try to keep your knees together while your lower legs splay away from one another.

If this feels easy, remove one of the blocks or even both.
Need a bit more of a challenge? Lay back until your elbows come to the earth. Once your are comfortable there, lower all the way down to the earth. Although you can’t see it here because of my shirt, the small and middle section of your back will be curved away from the ground. This is normal.

Hold for three to five breaths. ***DISCLAIMER*** This pose is not good for anyone with a knee or ankle injury. As always, if you feel pain, back out of the pose and work on a different variation. If none of these variations work for you, come to class Saturday at 8:00am and I’ll be happy to help you.


– Instructor Meredith Richard