Leading by Example

Each day I wake up and remind myself “Today, is not about me.” I have to personally remind myself of what my purpose is because I have learned I do a MUCH better job when life is not about me.

You need to have something first, before you can give it.

If you are empty, then there is nothing you can give to others around you: your family, your friends, your clients. Starting the day full is key for me to be good at my various daily roles. I’ve found a few things that help me get started on the right foot: a good cup of coffee and some biblical truth. It doesn’t happen every morning, but when it does, my day goes SO much better. And the more often I start my day off right, the more consistent I am at leading the way I WANT to lead.

You don’t have to have the same things as me, you just need to figure out what is your start and begin the habit of good preparation.

Your first hour is your daily prep. It sets the tone. It paves the path of your ability to execute for the day. Fight to have those first moments to prepare for the day.

As soon as you step out, you are leading by example- whether you are ready to or not. Those you see the most are effected by you the most. Yet people you don’t even know are watching you. It’s humbling when you really think about it.

Students in your child’s class are watching how you interact with your child. People in the waiting room are listening to your tone of voice. Other parents you interacted with when your kids were on the same sport team hear about what’s going on with your family. (Our town is still small.) The clerk at the library or the waiter at your favorite restaurant will be impacted when you interact with them.

We have these endless opportunities to impact others for better or for worse, but it starts with us.

Every day I admit I struggle with leading by example. I’ve learned to realize I’m empty when that happens. I just don’t have anything good left to give and I need to recharge.

When you find yourself in a similar situation, when you determine what’s about to come out of your mouth is not a good thing, take a pause. It’s time to reset and recharge. I’ve gone as far as removing myself from the room to reset with a little pep talk if I need it. Sometimes the opportunity just isn’t there to recharge, you need to press through until you get a breather.

One of the most undervalued benefits of a good workout is mental clarity. Stress relief. The ability to work out whatever we need to work out in our emotions and thoughts. Despite the physical exertion, exercise refreshes and recharges us. Takes the edge off our nerves, settles our anger, distracts us to work through the mountain we made out of a mole hill. And sets us back up for leading the way we want to lead.

Prepare. Execute. Reset. Recharge. Leading by example so we can impact those around us for good.

Let me encourage you: find out what sets your day up for success and carve out the space in your morning to make it happen. As often as you can.

Keep moving!


Note: As a fitness coach, it is my highest priority to keep my clients motivated and on track despite obstacles, distractions and just human nature. We all need a supportive environment to maintain healthy lifestyle and habits. If you are searching for that kind of environment, check out what we do here at CrossFit 1088: Hosted by Blue Wave Fit, where our mission is to bring CrossFit to All Ages. http://www.bluewavefitocala.com or email me at: priscilla@bluewavefitocala.com

Priscilla Jones and her husband, Brian, are owners of CrossFit 1088: Hosted by Blue Wave Fit. Their mission is to bring CrossFit to All Ages in Ocala, FL while raising their circus of four children.

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