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How it Began:

When we opened the doors of Blue Wave Fit in September 2014, our mission was to create a premier family-friendly small group and personal training facility. We wanted members of all shapes, sizes and ages to be training in tailored fitness programming because we saw the benefits (and the need) of:

                         ⇒ Excellent coaching

                        ⇒ Variety in the workouts

                        ⇒ The ability to scale the workout to the individual

                        ⇒ The community of a small gym

                        ⇒ The accountability to each other to show up and exercise

                        ⇒ An unlimited learning curve

We are happy to say, CrossFit 1088 was born in 2015 to fulfill that mission. When we began, our members ranged from 10 to 88 years and they represented all we envisioned in a healthy multi-generational gym. We have families, couples, widows, teens and young adults. We have college athletes and those who never exercised. We have those who want to gain weight and those who want to take it off. And they are all working out together. At their own level. At their own pace. We are in this together, and that makes all the difference.

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