Have you ever been relieved when you couldn’t do something?  Let me explain…

Last week, I had an event to attend that was squeezed into a bunch of other things for the week. I didn’t have anything else on my schedule for that time, but I knew that I had other things that needed my attention (practicing spelling words with the 6 year old, making dinner, keeping the teens on task… you get the idea.) BUT, I kept thinking that I SHOULD go, or that I NEEDED to be there. Even though it would have made the evening crammed.

Then, the decision was made for me.

My teenage daughter walked in and said she needed the car to go to youth group. (We have three cars and four drivers.) Done. She took the car, and I was left at the house without transportation.

And I felt… relief.

Yes, I had a good reason not to be at the event now. It was out of my hands, and I could relax and turn my focus to those in my home who needed my attention. “Thank you, O daughter of mine, for taking that decision from me!” I thought with a smile.

Do we not feel that way in the realm of fitness? Don’t we struggle with all the “I SHOULD” be doing this or “I NEED” to be doing that. Even when the “shoulds” and “needs” don’t work for us?

When I meet with my clients and talk about making a change in exercise and eating habits, we talk about 3 THINGS to work on in the next month.

That’s it. Just 3.

And everything else is put on hold until the three things we’ve identified are worked on and reviewed in a month’s time. The limits we set in our meeting, help her to FOCUS on what is best for that month. It keeps the “shoulds” and “needs” at bay, and she can relax because she has a good reason to say “No” or at least “Not Yet” to them.

So, if you are feeling a little (or a lot!) overwhelmed by what you think you should be doing, or what you need to do, seek out a coach to help you identify the TOP THREE things to work. Just focus on those three for a month. Then, come back, review them, and identify the next three. This one step will simplify your focus and allow you to give the attention you need to those things that need it most.

Keep moving!

Coach Priscilla

p.s. If you’re seeking a good coach, here is my article on things to look for.

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