Recently I went on a recovery run with my favorite running app “RunKeeper” and chose “Your Conscience” as my feedback voice. If you’ve used these kinds of apps before, you know that you can have it tell you stats throughout your run such as how far you’ve gone, what your pace is, etc. Since I love numbers, I like to hear how I’m doing. But this time, I wanted to switch it up and do something new- “My Conscience” was going to tell me how I’m doing. He said things such as:

“At this pace, you’re beating everyone who’s sitting on the couch.”

“Keep it up! After this you can crash for the rest of the day and have a whole bottle of wine…. just joking…. not really.”

and my favorite, which made me laugh out loud:

“You’re running as fast as a hippopotamus…. and they run fast.”

Sarcasm flowed from each statement and it totally worked for me.

But… it made me think about my own conscious voice, your conscious voice.

What is it telling you?

The next time you are in a challenging workout, listen to what Your Conscience is telling you.

Is it encouraging you? Or, is it beating you up or tearing you down?

Whatever the tone Your Conscience has, that is the tone it will take no matter what kind of challenging situation you find yourself in (exercise related or not). And you want that tone to be encouraging!! So, if you discover that Your Conscience isn’t taking the motivating tone you want, here are a few things you can tell yourself:

“Keep Moving!”

“Don’t Give up!”

“Think how far you’ve come.”

“You’re almost there, just keep plugging away.”

“You’re going to finish.” 

“There will be a reward for all your hard work.”

The voice of Your Conscience CAN BE CHANGED. It takes effort to reverse the effects of negativity, but it can be done. That’s why at our gym, we make a strong effort to provide encouraging words to our members throughout their workouts every time. A lot of the battle is just in the mind, and hearing those motivating words every time they workout helps motivate and reverse the damage a negative voice has brought.

So pay attention the next time you’re in your workout and hear Your Conscience speaking. If you don’t like what it’s saying, override its voice with a message you WANT to hear.


Keep moving!

Coach Priscilla