Realms of Belief

In your mind, all of your thoughts fit into three categories:

Ideas you believe to be TRUE.
Ideas you believe are NOT TRUE.
Ideas you are unsure about- they could be true or they could not. 

Ideas you firmly believe are or aren’t true, let’s call your BLACK AND WHITE.
Ideas you aren’t really sure if they are true, we’re going to call your GRAY.

In the extreme sense, being all black and white or always in the gray, would be imbalanced. We would either have no tolerance for a difference in opinions OR we wouldn’t be able to make up our minds and hold to a decision. 

Being balanced means that you will have some black and white areas, with ideas and principles that you firmly believe, and then gray areas that you either don’t know enough information to develop an opinion OR you simply don’t have the interest to be opinionated. 

And so, my question for you this week is: What is your WHITE? What do you believe is TRUE?

Because what you believe FIRMLY to be true, WILL EFFECT your life. 
It will effect the way you THINK. It will show in what you SAY. It will come to life in what you DO.

What you believe to be true defines who you are. It draws a line in the imaginary sand that you will not cross or will not back down from. These are the things you take a stand for. 

And you need to know what they are. Because this life is going to TEST your loyalty to your beliefs. It will push against every single one of them. And you will lose the battle if you don’t know what they are. 

Take 15 minutes to write down 3 things that are in your WHITE. Post them somewhere you can see them privately, but frequently. Let the black and white of your pen on paper remind you of their importance.  

Here are a few of mine:

My husband has priority over my to-do list.
I don’t get the time with my kids back, I will make the most of the opportunities while I still can. 
I will work to keep my family healthy: physically, emotionally, relationally, spiritually.
Just because someone else quits, doesn’t change my mission. 
God is in charge, I’m not. 

These statements help keep me steady and balanced when life puts the pressure on, and unimportant yet urgent things try to overwhelm the important ones. 

If you’ve never thought about your WHITE, what you would take a stand for- YOU NEED TO FIGURE IT OUT.

If I were standing in front of you, I would look you in the eye and say- This is important! GO FIGURE THIS OUT! You can’t have the impact and meaning you want if you don’t know what you are fighting for. Or what you are defending. Find a quiet place and begin to sort out what is important to you. 

If you’ve been swimming in an ocean of gray, it’s time to carve out some black and white. It will bring clarity and resolve to your uncertainty and traction on your path. 

Keep moving!

Coach Priscilla

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