“I made a promise to myself.”

This was my coaching schedule for the morning:
5 AM- Group Class coaching
6AM- Group coaching
6:45AM- PT coaching
8AM- PT coaching
8:30AM- PT coaching
9AM- Group coaching
10AM- PT coaching
11AM- Personal Workout

Now I confess, not every day looks like this one above. But on THAT DAY, that’s what I had on my calendar. Six hours of face-to-face coaching, and my personal workout time plopped on top like a shift worker landing on their couch after inventory day.

BUT- I had made a promise to myself.

Because, I knew that I wouldn’t have time later that day to get it in. Already booked, I knew my calendar would not allow it. And I had promised myself that I would get 5 WODs in a week to prepare for a team competition that’s coming. So, if I was going to FIT IT IN, it was going to have to be NOW.

And that’s just how some days are going to be for you.

When you make a promise to yourself, it WILL BE challenged. It’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN. And, you’ll have to make a choice when the challenge comes: whether you will keep the promise to yourself or not.

I admit, it’s SO EASY to just not follow through. I mean, it’s just YOU you’re letting down, right? Not someone else. You don’t have to have an embarrassing interaction explaining why you can’t hold up your end of the bargain.

But, despite that, you are letting someone down. Yourself.

And, so I encourage you, to KEEP your promises to yourself. Be careful what you promise in the first place, but when you DO promise, fight to keep it! You will be so encouraged when you do.

– Coach Priscilla




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