How to Avoid a HANGOVER
Food for Thought with Nutrition Coach Coley Haas

Alcohol is a part of most cultures across the world. When you wake up with a pounding headache, the spins and a stomach ache so strong you go into the fetal position, it can really kill your buzz to go CrossFit that day.

How to prevent the hangover…

– Eat! It won’t exactly “soak up” the alcohol and make it so you don’t get drunk, but it will reduce irritation in your stomach.

– Save your fat intake for the end of the day. Iit will slow the absorption of alcohol.

– Take your vitamins! Your body goes through many nutrients processing alcohol. Pair that with losing nutrients on all of your bathroom trips and you can quickly become nutrient deficient.

During the drinks

Stick to one type of alcohol and pick one that doesn’t have sugar, mixers or additives. This one choice can drastically decrease your chance of hangovers. Also, bubbles in drinks can increase the rate in which the alcohol “hits” you.

Before bed

Eat a little protein bar… in fact, a RX bar would be perfect- having protein, carbs and fat. Take some vitamins, drink some water with some BCAAs and…  Get some sleep!  We want to see you at the gym the next day!

A few numbers… 

Budweiser – 12 oz. can   = 145 calories
Coors Light – 12 oz. can = 110 calories
Michelob Ultra- 12 oz. can   = 96 calories
White Wine – 5 oz   = 110-125 calories
Red Wine – 5 oz      =  110-130 calories
Margarita- 5 oz frozen = 450 calories
5 oz on the rocks = 150 calories
Mimosa –  5 oz = 120-200 calories

Add and multiply to see what your night out is costing you in calories!

If alcohol consumption is sabotaging your weight loss efforts, come see me! I’m available each week for a FREE “Hungry for Help” consultation. We can talk about healthy choices and simple steps to get you back on track.

Keep moving,