Just this week I had a nutrition client talk with me about something she was concerned about: an upcoming wedding in Cancun. While she was excited about the trip, she was nervous about it being at an “all inclusive” resort and what that could mean for her hard earned progress in weight loss. 

I can sympathize.

We can all relate to attending a special event, a vacation, or business trip where food and drink was readily available to us. And it is very tempting to over indulge and regret it the next day.

So, before you go to your next event, here are my Top Five Tips for Successfully Handling a Special Event-  with your waistline intact!

1. Survey the entire food and drink offering before you partake in anything.Choose 1-2 things with which you will treat yourself. This allows you to enjoy the specialness of the occasion without indulging in everything. If you’ve been saving yourself for the wedding cake, then enjoy a piece! That is part of the occasion. Just make it the one or two things that you are going to enjoy and leave the “not so enticing” items for someone else to enjoy.

2. Use the Plate Method as your go-to if it’s not one of your chosen treats. If you’re not familiar with the Plate Method, here is a visual:

With this method, you fill your plate half full with non-starchy veges (think green veges, squash, cauliflower). One quarter of your plate is a lean protein (lean beef, seafood, chicken). And the other quarter is your starch. You start by eating your veges FIRST. Then the PROTEIN. And lastly, the STARCH.

If you eat your food in this order, you may find you’re not even that hungry for the starch.

3. Use a plate for dips and hors d’oeuvres. For dips, portion about 2 tablespoons of the dip on your plate with veges (if possible). For hors d’oeuvres, take one of each in which you are interested. Walk away from the table and sit down to eat them. Leave what you didn’t like (you have my permission to not eat the entire piece if you don’t like it). Make a mental note that you have consumed a serving of the food BEFORE you go back for seconds. This will help diminish mindless eating and bring attention to the fact that you are finished with your first serving. Many times the effort of getting back up to go over to the table for more just isn’t worth it.

4. Park yourself away from the food and drinks. Often we are engaged in conversations with those we haven’t seen in awhile or maybe meeting for the first time. If you are listening to what the other person is saying, chances are, you aren’t noticing what’s going into your mouth. You can enjoy the time just as much sipping on your drink away from the food tables as you can standing next to the food and eating a bunch of calories- going unnoticed! Sit away from the tables and save yourself from a bunch of unenjoyed calories.

5. For alcohol, I recommend staying away from sugar loaded mixers. Instead, choose club soda with a fruit twist or a calorie free drink to mix with alcohol. Alternate your alcoholic beverage with a glass of water.

And, if it’s a BAD EVENT, as in your ex shows up or your crush is the one getting married, maybe just skip the mixers all together and have a shot. It will get you to your intended goal faster and with fewer calories. Just saying.

Hopefully you found at least ONE TIP that you can use at your next event. It might be just the trick that helpt, and leaving you NOT feeling guilty, stuffed or nauseous the next day!

Keep moving!

Coach Priscilla

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